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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get on the waitlist?

What are your student:teacher ratios?

For the Oaks Classroom (ages 3-6) our teacher:student ratio is 1:10 with a maximum of 20 students per day 

For our Sapling Classroom (ages 2-3) our teacher:student ratio is 1:5 with a maximum of 10 students per day

For our Acorn Classroom (ages 6 weeks-23 months) our teacher:student ratio is 1:4 with a maximum of 8 students per day

How are you handling COVID-19?

You can view our COVID-19 Procedures here.

Is The Treehouse year round?

Our school year follows the school district's and each child's enrollment contract ends after the school year is over. However, we are open during July-August for our Summer Camp Program. If your child is enrolled for the school year, you must still register them for the summer program if you wish them to attend during the summer months. Registration information for Summer Camps is typically released in the spring along with re-enrollment information for the following school year.

How much is tuition?

View our 23-24 Tuition & Fees Information here.

Where can I find your immunization rates?

You can view The Treehouse's 23-24 immunization rates here and compare them to Clackamas County's immunization rates here. Our updated immunization rates are released each spring after we have filed our immunization report with the health department. 

What is the EIN number?   46-2885106​

Who should I contact for information about enrollment or setting up a tour?

Please contact our office for any information regarding enrollment, setting up tours, summer camps, tuition, contracts, and/or scheduling changes:

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