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The Treehouse Testimonials:

Working at The Treehouse...

is fulfilling on so many levels. I find myself gushing about my work so often, I now know it's because this job holds so many unique perks that many teachers don't experience. Our families are so appreciate and involved in the work we are doing, everyday I leave work knowing that we do matters. The faculty and staff are supportive and care deeply for each others well being and I can tell that the decisions come from a place of care, instead of just looking out for the bottom line. As a teacher, The Treehouse provides a rare opportunity that allows me to try new ideas, build unique classes and get as much out of my job as I put in. It's the perfect job for a consistent teacher with a big heart, great imagination and an appreciation for community."


Coco | Former Co-teacher


Our son has been enrolled 4 full days/week at the Treehouse Nursery for almost 3 years (started as a 2 year old) and we couldn't be happier with the school.  He has learned and thrived in so many ways - the best way I can describe it is that the environment is caring, creative, and fun, with attention and coaching around treating people with kindness. The amount of personal attention is really incredible - the teachers know each child as individuals with their own strengths and areas for development.  


The program is art and nature-based, with emphasis on learning what the children are most interested in at the time. They choose a theme that lasts for a month or two, and orient circle time, art, books, and activities around that theme. Examples include: volcanoes (obviously making their own and having it erupt), the ocean, dinosaurs, seeds and plants, forest animals, and outer space.  


Our son has learned so much, and through all the different media, I think it reinforces new concepts and keeps things interesting. For instance, they have a daily (original) puppet show with a question and answer period when the show is over. The kids learn how to raise their hands, take turns, ask questions, and get asked questions by the teachers about the puppet show (they learn to listen and remember).  While the program is Waldorf-inspired with focus on the natural world, it really takes in great parts of many different philosophies and is not too rigid.  


We love the teachers at Treehouse - they are all college-educated, creative, talented, and energetic.  They aren't afraid to give cuddles and hugs or kisses on the head, bringing patience and energy to each day- whether its through projects using funky recycled materials, making a paper-mache dinosaur as a group, or splatter painting in the art room, the kids have fun - and get messy!  


The food is all homemade, organic, and helps kids develop taste for really healthy food.  My son now loves beets, quinoa, and tempeh...seriously.  They bake bread together once a week, do science experiments, learn Spanish....I could go on and on... let's just say that I highly recommend the magic of this preschool.


Hannah | Treehouse Mamma



Our daughter started at Treehouse when she was 2 1/2 years old and is now getting ready to graduate and move on to Kindergarten.  Our experience there has been wonderful.  As working parents we worried about our daughter being somewhere full time.  When we settled into Treehouse we were so relieved.  Our daughter has had the most amazing 2 1/2 years, better than we could have ever dreamed.  She is so happy with all the teachers, she loves her friends, and she has learned above and beyond what we'd expected from a nursery school.  Most importantly she has really enjoyed learning.  


A few examples of why the school is wonderful:  

  • Circle time is full of songs and music 

  • The children play instruments and sing along with teachers.  One teacher I know brings in her guitar and plays to/with the kids

  • The teachers do amazing puppet shows that pertain to the themes they are learning

  • Yoga

  • Bread making

  • Going outside rain or shine, exercising no matter the weather!

  • Getting dirty

  • Super yummy healthy food made by a wonderful cook (the school even has a cookbook)

  • Nap time with your own blanket and toys 

  • Stress free potty training environment (this really helped our daughter to become fully potty trained)

  • Journals are kept with sweet notes/observations about things your child has said or done

  • Amazing art projects (I'm always really impressed with the group mosaics)

  • Gardening

  • Amazing caring staff of teachers

Turns out Treehouse has been more than just a school for our daughter.  We have met and connected with several wonderful families and teachers.  There is a very strong sense of community that goes hand in hand with the school.  Most of all I have been in awe of the genuine caring that Treehouse offers the children.  I see how the children are cared for and taught and how they have grown and thrived.  Treehouse is a special place that our family has greatly enjoyed being a part of.


Dionne | Treehouse Mamma


One of a kind...

Treehouse is truly one of a kind. We could not have asked for more for our son and we are forever thankful to all the loving, dedicated, amazing talented teachers at Treehouse. From community homemade bread making, planting in the garden, to personalized birthday celebrations that are unprecedented in the childcare realm (for instance, for my son's birthday they had homemade whole wheat banana bread with organic yogurt and blueberries), Treehouse is a gem. The location right off hawthorne can't be beat either. Our family just can't say enough positive things about Treehouse!


Dawn | Treehouse Mamma


So much love

"Josie feels so much love at The Treehouse! The staff is fantastic. Every day when I pick her up I get to hear a great story about one of the fun or funny or interesting things she did that day. She is growing and changing in all the best ways, due in large part to the friends and community she has at her wonderful little preschool."


Krystin | Treehouse Mamma


Professional Caregivers

"The amazing, professional caregivers at the Treehouse Nursery create an environment that is loving and nurturing. The real measure of their success comes from my 2-1/2-year-old's response. She is excited to attend, reciting teacher's names on the drive over, and greets us at the end of the day with a big hug, and an ever expanding vocabulary to tell us all that she has learned and accomplished."


Kelly | Treehouse Dad

We really cannot express...

"... how much our family loves The Treehouse Nursery. The teachers are all so wonderful– creative, playful, extremely loving, Weston loves all of them and talks about them all the time. We love them too! They are super cool! The space that they are in is beautiful and always CLEAN– with a great garden and play area. We are so happy to have found a place for him to be while we work that we feel GOOD about and the supports the values we have set for raising our son. We would and have recommended The Treehouse Nursery to anyone who is looking for a wonderful, nurturing, holistic childcare experience for their child."


Sid and Anna | Treehouse Parents


We couldn't be happier...

"... with the experience that Miles has at the Treehouse Nursery. He continually learns new songs and dances that he teaches to us at home. He loves his teachers and classmates, and we love the fact that the toys are natural, the food is organic and when the weather permits he plays in the garden. When Miles is at the Treehouse Nursery, he isn't just in daycare, he's learning important lessons about himself, other people and the world."


Stephen | Treehouse Dad


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