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Facilities and Land Steward

The start of my involvement at The Treehouse is directly related to the start of my “more than friends” relationship with Mrs. Desirae who at the time was Ms. Desirae back in early 2011 until she became my wife.  My role has taken many different forms over the last ten-plus years from volunteering to part-time employment and now invested full-time as Facilities and Land Steward.  I have helped design, develop and maintain the landscaping of various versions of outdoor classrooms we’ve had over the years, learning and re-shaping to what suits the child best.  I find real joy transforming a blank green slate into a little world filled with variety and dynamics for the children to explore and learn from.  I look forward to continuing the development of our new outdoor classroom into something filled with life and inspiration.  


I’ve done a handful of other jobs over the last ten years in Portland including the obligatory barista, working at REI, back to coffee as a machine technician and eventually having my own brand of espresso machine restoration and customizing.  For the last almost three years I was building high-end custom, solid wood furniture.  All these trades helped fill my toolbelt with skills and knowledge that I leaned on heavily as we took our current location from barely functional to safe and beautiful.  From demo to reno and everything in between including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, flooring, drywall, hanging doors, paint, etc… my sweat and blood really are in this place and we’re so happy to share it with you.  


When I’m not at Treehouse I enjoy weekend mornings watching soccer with Wesley and supporting the Timbers.  Going on long hikes by myself and/or mushroom hunting when possible, going to the river in the summer for a SUP session or just to throw some rocks into the water.  Sometimes we spend the weekend working on our little property in Gladstone slowly implementing a food forest system while our chickens run around and eat all the worms we dig up.  


I’m eager to keep pouring into this place and make it into one of the top programs in our area serving not only the child, but the family and surrounding community as a whole.  I’m amped to be a part of this team once again and am so grateful to play a role in your child’s development.  



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