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Teacher Sydney

Education and Community Director
Oak Co-Lead Teacher

This year I will be in my eighth year at The Treehouse and I truly feel that this is where I am meant to be. In my first days at the school I knew The Treehouse would fit wonderfully into my own community values, and continue to feel even more strongly that this is a school of true heart and soul. In my free time I have a plethora of passionate energy that I expel through painting, knitting, and cycling. You will often find me and my children out adventuring in the woods or at home snuggling! We are a family of busy little bees.

I have been an educator since the early 2000’s and quickly became involved with Waldorf education. I am a certified Waldorf Early Childhood teacher, having completed my training at Sound Circle Center in Seattle in 2011. During my time at Sound Circle I was fortunate enough to study with world-renowned Waldorf Teacher Helle Heckmann, at her mixed-age Waldorf School in Denmark, Nokken. I also studied with Bernadette Raichle from Awhina in New Zealand, a mixed-age Waldorf childcare. Paired with these influences, as well as my intense study in Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy, I bring a unique approach to early childhood care.


I believe that it is our job as educators and parents to foster self-confidence, independence, peer community, imagination and creativity, and a lifelong love for learning. Before my venture into Waldorf Education, I was a commercial photographer in Seattle, WA. I left to set my aim at a more art-driven lifestyle and attended Western Washington University studying various forms of modern art and the therapeutic benefit of art in daily life. These studies ultimately led me to the holistic approach of Waldorf education to which I immediately fell in love with. I am so happy that I get to share my joy of childhood and education with you all at The Treehouse.

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