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Teacher Lorryn

Sapling Lead In-Training

Before working with The Treehouse: A Forest Garden School, I provided private childcare for five years as a nanny. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with many wonderful children and families. I was often encouraged by parents to pursue a career in education, though I could never see myself teaching in a traditional classroom setting.

When I learned of The Treehouse: A Forest Garden School shortly after moving to Oregon from Massachusetts, I was delighted to find a program whose values align so closely with my own. I began diving into independent research on Waldorf education and RIE philosophy. I quickly learned that working in this kind of environment was the path I wanted to take. I have great admiration for The Treehouse's dedication to creating a space for children to explore, learn, play, gain confidence, and challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

My passions outside of childcare include crocheting, gardening, cooking, finding new beautiful places to explore with my fiancé, and accommodating our little black cat who constantly demands to be carried like a baby. I am also a student, working toward a degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences. Mostly, I value learning and growing - something I am confident I will always have the opportunity to do here. I am so very honored and excited to be welcomed into the Treehouse community.

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