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Teacher Julia

Acorn Lead Teacher

I began teaching in 2003 as an outdoor educator for students from elementary to high school age. I have taught in a variety of outdoor settings, in Maryland, California and Oregon, introducing students to the natural world and our interconnection with it, through hands-on activities and personal experiences. 


In 2009, I began my Waldorf teacher training at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. I had attended Waldorf school as a child and had always been drawn to the pedagogy and the belief and practice of integrating physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. After completing my training, I worked at Cedarwood school in the kindergarten. Prior to my teacher training I had always been drawn to older students but through my training I grew into a love of teaching the early childhood years.  I find great joy in helping the youngest children finding the world around them and helping them feel safe and confident in their exploration.  


The Treehouse School is a lovely place for these youngest children to explore and learn in an environment where they have the freedom to feel safe as they grow. For the last 7 years, I have been home raising our two youngest children and providing care for other children. My daughter is 7 and starting 2nd grade, my youngest is 4 and will be here attending the Treehouse School. They also have an older sibling who is enter 8th grade. 


In our family we spend a lot of time gardening and reading. We love going on adventures and discovering new exciting places and experiences. 

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