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Office Manager

I started working at The Treehouse in October 2018 and deeply value the sense of community and inspiration it brings to my life. After earning my graduate degree in Nutrition, I started my time here at The Treehouse as the Kitchen Manager and absolutely loved creating and serving homemade, nourishing food to the children. After the pandemic began, I stepped into a co-teacher role and loved connecting and engaging with the children in this new way. Their ability to approach each day with wonder and curiosity inspired me to do the same; this was an incredible blessing during such a challenging time in our world.


As of January 2023, I am stepping into the Office Manager position for The Treehouse and could not be more excited! During my time as the Kitchen Manager, I discovered my love for staff wellness, spreadsheets, budgets, and tedious administrative tasks. I am looking forward to furthering my organizational, time management, and thoughtful communication skills in this new position.


Connecting with families is an aspect of working at The Treehouse that I have always cherished, and I am eager to approach it from this new direction by offering guidance and warmth to families as they send their child to school for the first time! My years as both the Kitchen Manager and Co-Teacher have set me up well to step into this position as I know our policies and procedures inside and out.


When I'm not at The Treehouse, I love to work in my garden and dream up the next home project, play with my rescue pup at the dog park, hike, play in the river, and try new restaurants around town.

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