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Teacher Jamie

Sapling Lead Teacher

I journeyed into the world of early childhood education in 2016, and I haven’t looked back! I spent several years as a nanny, assistant teacher, and now a lead teacher. It is such an honor to watch each child I work with grow into a confident, independent, and kind human being. I have a strong Montessori background, but I have drifted toward the Waldorf pedagogy. I was delighted to find The Treehouse because they implore children to live each day with imagination, and they have a strong emphasis on outside exploration. 

My experience as a lead teacher has allowed me to see each child as an individual with so many capabilities! I strive to give children confidence in themselves; whether it’s food prep, bead stringing, dressing, and so much more. All children are brilliant beings, and it is my job to honor that.

I was born and raised in Oregon, and I am so lucky to call Oregon my home. I live with my husband, and our zoo of animals. We have cats, and a sweet little hamster. Our dream is to one day own a farm. My animals are always a topic of interest for the children I work with, and I love sharing stories of their shenanigans. I also love vegan cooking, crafting, and interior design. I graduated from Clackamas Community College with a strong focus on the social sciences. I am hoping to further my education, and take ASL courses in the next year.

I am so happy to join The Treehouse as a Lead Teacher. This program truly fosters imagination and creativity in such a nurturing manner. I am excited to be part of the community, and to see it grow.

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