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Teacher Hannah Faye

Oak Co-Teacher

Meet Hannah Faye, a devoted educator who believes in the beauty of every unique mind. Drawing from their training in Reggio Emilia and RIE philosophies, Hannah Faye creates an inclusive classroom where all children, especially those with developmental disabilities, find a safe haven to learn, grown, and thrive.

Having worked with Artsify to provide art-centered support services for individuals with IDD, and as program coordinator at The Studio at Living Opportunities, Hannah Faye's passion for inclusive education and support shines brightly. This dedication is further amplified by their experience as a Reggio Emilia Classroom Teacher at Wild Lilac CDC and as Outdoor Educator with Trackers Earth.

Outside the classroom, Hannah Faye's diverse interests, from yoga to improvisational dance and rock climbing to writing music and performing, bring an added layer of vibrancy to their teaching approach. With degrees in Photography, Creative Writing minor, American Sign Language minor and Graphic Design, they ensure that learning at The Treehouse: A Forest Garden School is not just about academics but a holistic journey of discovery. Let's celebrate every child's unique potential together!

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