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CFO & Controller

I have been working with The Treehouse since it began in 2010 and have really enjoyed watching the growth of the school(s), the staff and the families. I started as not only the bookkeeper, but as office manager, gardener (I have a deep love and passion for natural gardening) and anything else they needed that I could step in and help with.


At present I work for five different corporations, representing 12 companies as either a freelance bookkeeper or as an employee of the corporation. I love being able to work from home, which I do most of the time, traveling as needed.


I have worked in accounting for over 20 years. I am a full cycle bookkeeper; meaning I do all aspects of accounting, from accounts payable, accounts receivable, to general ledger and working with CPA’s for tax purposes. One of the major achievements that I have been a part of was to go through the process of getting the school to a non-profit (501(c)3) status with the federal government.


It is a pleasure to serve on staff here at The Treehouse, serving the teaching staff and parents in any way I can.

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