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Teacher Corri

Substitute Teacher


Hello! I’ve been lucky enough to live in the peaceful and beautiful corner of the world that is the Pacific Northwest since 2018. My roots are planted all around California but my true “home” is the beach. It was there that I first felt a deep sense of connection to the Earth and all her Wonder, and I often take day trips to the coast to tap back into that feeling. I studied psychology in college and have always had a passion for the mental health field. There is nothing more interesting to me than humans and the way our brains work to keep us feeling safe and secure! I earned my Master’s Degree in Couples and Family Therapy from Antioch University in Seattle, Washington and eventually began my own private practice here in Portland (since 2021) where I specialize in emotion-focused therapy working with teens. 

Along the way, I have gained most of my experience working with younger children across a wide variety of settings and it has been such a gift to be involved in the process of instilling a sense of independence and self-respect in their minds from an early age, and being a witness to their growing experience of general competence and love for self as a result.

While obtaining my undergraduate degree, I worked 1:1 with children between the ages of 2-12 who had been diagnosed with Autism as an ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapist. In the following years, I worked within a residential facility that housed children who were in foster care, where we worked on aiding in their ability to understand and experience the connection between their minds, bodies, and spirits. Kids believe in themselves when we believe in them! 

Now that I am joining the teaching team at The Treehouse, I will still be a practicing therapist on a part time basis, but will be moving most of my attention to teaching. In the last few years, I have missed working with younger children and have sought out an environment with a strong sense of community that is aligned with my values to continue the very important work of teaching children these skills of self-trust and expression. I am continuously in awe of the levels of intelligence, creativity, and humor that children are capable of when given the freedom to express themselves. I am very excited to be a part of the wonderful team at The Treehouse, where kids are given all the space they need to shine!

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