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Teacher Cary

Support Teacher

Hello! I have found my way to Treehouse after a lifetime of practicing play and hope to provide space for children to have full expression of their authentic being alongside my own. I come with experience in a wide variety of communication modalities ranging from nonviolent communication and peer support to improv dance and poetry. I am strongly aligned with the principles of child-led education and following nature as a teacher.


I have had the privilege of visiting nearly every national park in the western USA and have been studying society and relational connection intensively for the past four years through naturalistic and participant observation. This is informed by a formal education at Northern Arizona University studying sociology with a minor in anthropology. I have been caring for children since high school, and I love it. I learn best from being immersed in my environment, and have a lifelong commitment to nurturing what is most alive in myself and in those I connect with.


I am highly devoted to meditative practice and am deeply curious about layers and motivations behind our movements through life. I am passionate about physical activity, stillness, and existentialism.

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