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Teacher Tori

Substitute Teacher

I was born and raised in Alabama with a huge extended family and found a lot of joy and interest in caretaking at a young age with all of the younger siblings to model for. I also grew up dancing and observed my mom as she was one of my teachers. This was infinitely profound in my interest and desire to be a vessel of joy and leadership which led me to be a dance teacher for about five years while I got my undergrad with a BA in Film!

When I moved to Oregon about 5 years ago I started working in the social work field as a Direct Care Counselor for at-risk youth. This experience provided me with an opportunity to expand my skill set in crisis interventions and trained/taught mindfulness to the youth. Later, I began working as a life coach for folks with developmental disabilities. This led me to a deep appreciation for individual care and I really leaned in to meeting folks where they're at.

I love being active! Whether it's hiking around the magical forests of PNW, biking around secret spots in Portland or dancing alone in my room. It's my jam!

I really appreciate Treehouse's nature based approach and individual care for each child's need. In all my experience of caretaking this is absolutely essential in the developmental process and so thrilled to see what this journey teaches me in addition.

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