Mealtimes are a highlight of our program at the Treehouse Nursery and Preschool and help to anchor our Daily Rhythm. Our meals and snacks allow us time to gather as we appreciate the company of our friends and the gift of health. Before each meal, we sit around the table to tell stories, sing songs, give thanks and bless our food.

The Treehouse Nursery and Preschool provides a vegetarian, almost exclusively organic diet.  We strive to serve a balance of whole grains, vegetables, beans and fresh fruits in varying combinations throughout the week.  We also include small portions of organic milk, cheese, yogurt and dried fruits.  For us, encouraging a balanced diet sometimes means cleverly disguising or enhancing our greens and vegetables: adding nutritional yeast “sprinkles,” blending veggies into pasta sauce and adding greens to quesadillas.

We attempt to grow much of our own organic produce including: kale, chard, leeks, parsley, peas, cilantro, tomatoes, baby greens, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and more!

We are happy to accommodate children with allergies, intolerances and some special diets.

Sample Weekly Menu


Brown rice or quinoa, whole grain tempeh, vegetables, small portion of cheese or avocado.



Cheese and veggie pizza with whole wheat or polenta crust, side of homemade white beans.



Homemade black beans and kale quesadillas (brown rice tortillas), fresh cucumber, tomato, avocado.



Child-baked whole-wheat, corn, or zucchini bread; homemade beans or hummus, vegetables.



Brown rice pasta, tomato sauce with veggie purée, homemade kidney beans, small portion of cheese.



Whole-grain crackers, fresh fruit, carrot sticks with homemade dips, yogurt with berries, rice crackers with sunflower butter, dried fruit.


**The Treehouse Nursery and Preschool is partially reimbursed for food by the USDA. To insure your child's nutritional care a Monitor will visit the school and review our menus throughout the year to ensure compliance with their program standards. They may also contact the parents to verify the child’s participation.

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