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The Nursery

Age Group

Our Nursery program is for ages 2 - 3 1/2 years old.

*We are certified to have up to 4 children who are under 24 months; must be at least 20 months old.


Circle Time

In the morning we all come together for a special experience of playful singing, moving and celebrating the changing seasons. Music connects us on a unique level that quickly can lighten the mood and bring much joy and excitement to our program. With songs and movements about birdies building their nests, stepping  over stepping stones, looking way up high in the apple trees and little jacky frost pinching your nose, the children get to learn songs and verses about each changing season. We are constantly having parents coming to us asking what songs we have been singing so they can sing along with their children at home!

Story Time

Right before lunch we all gather around the table and the children sit quietly and listen to a story told—not read—by their teacher. The beauty of the spoken word sparks their ability to form images and thoughts about the words they hear. We use hand made figures for our stories out of silks, wool, wood and felt to create a special environment for the characters to exist in. Each story is told for a minimum of one week so the children fully experience it and come to expect it as part of the rhythm of their day. We find the children re-creating the story time scene during their free-play and re-telling their own variations of the story. This time is a special part of our program that helps expand the children's vocabulary, verbal retention and concentration.

Daily Rhythm

  • 8:30 - Drop Offs 

  • 8:20-9:00 - Free Play

  • 9:00-9:15 - Circle Time

  • 9:15-9:55 - Freeplay / Activity (Art, Cooking, Yoga)

  • 10:00-10:20 - Morning Snack

  • 10:20-10:30 - Bathroom Break / Transition

  • 10:30-11:45 - Outdoor Adventures

  • 11:55 - Oral Story

  • 12:00-12:45 - Lunch / Bathroom Break

  • 12:30 - Afternoon Pick-up

  • 12:45-2:45 - Nap Time

  • 3:00 - Snack / End of the Day Blessing

  • 3:30 - Pick-up

  • 3:45 - Afternoon Activity

  • 4:00 - Freeplay

  • 4:30 - Pickup


Our Nursery program is located at: 3003 SE 58th Ave, about 1.3 miles from our Preschool location (see distance on map here).


Click here to see the 2018-2019 immunization numbers for the Nursery. 

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