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Teacher Teresa

Oak Co-Lead Teacher


I was graced onto this Earth in the heart of Reseda, California and lived in SoCal for 32 years until relocating to Portland, Oregon amid summer 2021. I have a Maine Coon male cat named Angel and was blessed with him when he was 6 weeks old in 2015. Being around such gorgeous greenery, forests, cleaner air, and experiencing all four seasons has been blissful. I began my journey helping children with Autism and other disabilities on March 13, 2014, as a Behavioral Interventionist. I fell in love with ABA and studied to become a Registered Behavior Technician. It’s an honor to capture children achieving their goals and be able to see their fullest capacity as a whole person full of life and light! I continued assisting children with disabilities until late 2021 when I transitioned into a school-based Early Education teaching position from infants to kindergarten.

This will be my first opportunity in Waldorf Education, and I am thrilled to be a part of The Treehouse community and its artistic philosophy. I am so excited to be in the Oak class, co-leading and bringing in my compassion towards each child’s individual and creative bright future. I yearn to create a fun-loving atmosphere where all little souls can feel safe, secure, and be who they truly want to be, whether that’s a pink fairy, a lion, or a musician. The possibility of using their imagination is endless and I am happy to support their needs and desires in all aspects. As someone who independently became a vegetarian at the age of 11 and is 10 years now fully Plant-Based, it’s a passion of mine to be in a holistic environment that honors my values. Approaching young minds towards a self-developed, creative, independent, and imaginative teaching style versus the traditional old ways is truly enlightening.

I have a passion for animals, veganism, and hope to one day acquire a farm sanctuary. I believe “we are the voices for those who can’t speak” and would love to embrace my passion onto others in a positive and loving method. I obtained two certifications in Plant-Based Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts and have worked as a line cook in a few Vegan restaurants since 2019. I also have a strong love for painting, candle making, rock hounding, collecting crystals and learning about their healing properties.


“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more

powerful than one with all the facts.” – Albert Einstein

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