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Office Assistant

I recently joined the Treehouse team in June 2022 as an Office Assistant; mainly to help while our Office Manager is on maternity leave but also to be a part of The Treehouse community that I have always had a special place in my heart for. 


I currently live in Southern California and work various remote jobs all from the comfort of home,  while my husband and I work together to homeschool our two children, Charlie Mae who is six and Teo who is three. We have moved around quite a bit and have had a taste of simpler living which we are now working towards as a family. We love working in our garden and watching things grow, making sourdough bread and trying new recipes and we are always planning for a future with a little more space and freedom to continue to do all of those things. 


I have over ten years of experience working in higher education, with an emphasis in accounting and customer service. I enjoy learning how to make processes easier and smoother for students and their families and am so excited to bring that knowledge to the Treehouse team. I look forward to using my time & energy to help The Treehouse better serve its families.

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