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Teacher Forrest

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I am newly entering the world of early childhood education and couldn’t be more excited! During my childhood in Massachusetts I was lucky enough to live in a home surrounded by forests. I was able to explore and discover the natural world at every stage of my adolescence. Through that experience I gained a sense of curiosity, mindfulness, and creativity that I hope to bring to the children at The Treehouse. In my free time I enjoy yoga, meditation, and laying in the sun with my dear orange cat Cricket. My truest passion lies in music, and you can almost always find me sitting at my piano writing songs.

I have been a caretaker for children since I was a child myself. At age 11 a younger brother of mine was born, and two years later came another! I’ve loved every part of seeing them grow up, from giving them baths as infants to taking them on walks in the woods when they were a little older in hopes of passing on some of the lessons I learned there myself. I continue to be inspired by their young minds and find so much value and inspiration in a child’s creativity. 

I’m so thankful to be a part of such an enriching and creative community, and I’m looking forward to being continually inspired at The Treehouse.