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Teacher Emma

Substitute Teacher

I come to the Treehouse as an environmental educator and scientist who lives in awe of the magic of the natural world. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University in 2022, and throughout my undergrad studies I had the opportunity to learn about forest ecology, lake and river ecosystems, plant pathology, geology, and biochemistry, and took part in a research project looking at how seeds and molds communicate using chemical signaling through the air.


I infuse my passion for environmental science, conservation, and land stewardship into my education work by encouraging children's natural curiosity in the world around them and facilitating learning opportunities and conversation around natural processes and our human place in the world. I've also brought my environmental educator ethic to a high school education setting, where I stewarded students through developing, conducting, and communicating independent science and engineering projects.


I've volunteered my time through community gardening and environmental restoration projects in my community. I've worked in a variety of fields, including with the forest management and wildland firefighting with the Forest Service, as a restaurant manager, a farmer, a research/writing tutor, and as a preschool teacher of course! I started babysitting and nannying in 2010 and I have worked in childcare on and off ever since, including working as an outdoor preschool teacher in Washington for the 22-23 school year.

Outside all of that, I play the cello in the Salem Philharmonia, write songs that I sometimes share around town on guitar, and am mostly a homebody who likes gardening, cooking, reading, and snuggling with my partner Andrew and our cat Sammi.

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