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Teacher Annie

Acorn, Sapling and Oak Co-Teacher

My education began in a traditional public school where I received insufficient attention from teachers and suffered through many years of undiagnosed dyslexia and A.D.D.. Beginning Waldorf School in the sixth grade challenged me on every level. It was new territory for me to trust my teacher and peers enough to be vulnerable and ask for the help I needed. I am forever grateful for the experience. As a graduate of the Santa Cruz Waldorf School and High School, I understand the impact and importance of a holistic education curriculum.

My belief in child-led education is rooted in those years as a child, when I was finally able to enjoy learning. My journey as a teacher kicked off in 2017 at the Portland Waldorf School after I earned my yoga certification in Sellwood. Shortly after completing my certification, my teacher told me about a position at the Portland Waldorf School and it couldn't have been more fitting at that time. Determined to get back into the Waldorf world, I did everything from assisting in kindergarten and holding space for study hall, to leading yoga with the high schoolers.

When I found Treehouse in 2019, I knew a had found my true calling, working here alongside children and the amazing staff Desiraé cultivated was the greatest joy. While at The Treehouse for a year, I taught with toddlers - preschool in our mixed age classroom. With COVID came new challenges and opportunities; I chose the road to Scotland to be fully immersed in my ancestral culture. There I learned new ways to tell story, sing, dance, and thrive in the balance of life. I have come back now with more in my tool belt, aspirations for Waldorf Teacher Training, and new ways to artfully explore the world.

I have had a calling to care for little ones as long as I can remember; I am the eldest of four and it was such a blessing to have siblings 10 and 12 years my junior to watch grow and help care for. Since I had such a passion for caring, I started nannying in 2002, and since then have held numerous nanny and aupair positions over the years. Caring for infants and toddlers is an absolute privilege and gift that I have such a deep connection with and calling for, so I am elated to join the Acorn class!

In my free time you can find me reading, dreaming, learning about local and medicinal plants, diving into Scottish history, striving to be fluent in Gàidhlig (gal-ick), hiking the PCT, learning about mushrooms, or begging my hear to be in uniform.

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